13 Experts Reveal their Lead Generation Strategies in 2021

What is a lead generation strategy?

  • What steps can be taken in business to get more effective in generating leads?
  • What does lead generation look like for your business?

13 Experts Reveal their Lead Generation Strategies in 2021

1. Matt Snodgrass, Director of Community Engagement at MarketingProfs

  • First, that they need to keep a check on their sales and marketing team are in complete alignment- because it generally happens that both marketing and sales teams have different languages and that’s where we need to find the commonality to resonate on both sides. This can be done by observing the data.
  • Getting validated data to the conversion and then making decisions on the basis of the same gets everyone on the same page and also bridges the gap.
  • Secondly, every firm should start thinking about everyone, not as a lead but a way out to develop a relationship this will create a huge effect because if someone has a good experience with your brand even when they haven’t purchased anything, it is quite possible that they talk about it with their peers and colleagues.
  • That’s where it makes a huge difference. It helps your brand in building awareness and making future lead generation easier so that the lead generation is more efficient and effective.
  • It is all about putting effort at the beginning of every customer’s journey. This makes the best possible experience for your customers because if you are not going to give them a good experience, what reason will they have to get back to you?

2. Jason Falls, Director of Digital and Social Strategy at Cornett

  • Capturing sales qualifying leads by adding a live chat to the website- it is quite possible that people visiting your website might have some queries related to some specific pages of your website. By this, you can determine if the visitor is a sales qualified or not.
  • Marketing and socialization through media platforms:

4. Olga, Freelancer

  • Building community: Popularity among the community adds great value to your product. Network building opportunities help out in running and staying with your business.
  • Networking in the community has a group of like-minded professionals that share a similar point of view and values. They are able to manage stuff on business-related issues, exchange challenges, and face them, and can offer help to each other.
  • Selling in society: Social media platforms like Linkedin and Twitter have a strong fan base and are powerful channels in getting potential buyers and generating leads.
  • The only aim that must be in your head is to show yourself as experts by sharing valuable tips and other related news so that your name pops up first in the head of potential buyers when the need for the product arises.
  • The prima facie is to define and focus on the target audience. The best way is to make a list of the right people on social media like LinkedIn before proceeding to make it using the list with a tool like Dux-Soup.
  • The second step is the follow up with the leads. With this, you must email the leads at a large scale and then make a follow up with them using CRM automation like Salesflare.

7. Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder of Salesflare

  • Keeping a strong target and;
  • no — break followup
  • If your company is a software selling company, it becomes important for you to work on the optimization of the website, creating content that is useful and appealing for your product.
  • By doing this, your audience gets conformity to the fact that you are an expert in the field and they can trust you for anything related to this.
  • Retargeting the leads is another very important factor. Retargeting them and making them remind you about your product and services is very helpful and important.
  • RSS’s main focus is on SEO and PPC campaigns. As a low-cost SaaS product, they are looking to create content that solves their target audiences’ issues through the sales channel.
  • Once they acquire the lead in the line, they manage them with various nurturing campaigns that help them through the onboarding process to become paying customers.

9. Angelina from Really Simple Systems

10. Sam from Mailshake

  • Choosing the right SEO strategy: it takes efficiency to have an effective SEO strategy. It generally happens that SEO improves the organic traffic and gives you quality leads.
  • On the same hand, it requires both art and science to fulfill this tricky task. Try using a mixture of statistical analysis, machine learning, innovations, and creativity to identify the scope of opportunity so that you get better results.
  • Local SEO is beneficial: There is an overlap of local SEO and a subset of local SEO. while running on two different algorithms, they do overlap.
  • Local SEO has a location angle on it and takes everything to get a normal result. This the only reason you see different results when you search for things like “dentist” vs “dentist Chicago “.
  • Site optimization can improve your local search rankings that results in increased traffic at your website.
  • It is utmost important to understand your customers and know what they like and what made them stick to you or your products.
  • Know and determine what appeals the most to their emotions and what works best for your target customers
  • Know what channels work and what does not
  • Combine the knowledge and learning from the stated points.
  • Learn more to get what is perfect




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