How to Decrease Lead Response Time and Efficient Sales Actions in 2021? — Best Sales Tools To Grow Your Business

What can you do about this?

The ultimate solution is to decrease lead response time and in turn, focus on the real game which is making sales.

What to expect?

Let’s start.

Identifying the Root cause of the Problem: The increase in Lead Response Time

There could be multiple reasons why a decrease in lead response time could take place, we have covered the common reasons for the same.

1. Missing out on potential leads

You are a well-established brand. It is clear that with your social media presence and highly descriptive website, you could have a great number of potential leads coming to your website.

2. Having a weaker sales team

A sales team is the backbone of any brand. Being an inside sales rep, the pressure is high to get more leads, but when the sales team falls back in its skills or lead management practices, it will affect or rather impact the brand in a negative way.

3. Investment in lesser or no sales tools

As stated earlier, the world is going digital and with the years to come, it will continue to evolve and grow for the better. Hence if you haven’t invested in the solutions it offers such as great sales tools that can make an impact in your business, you’re clearly missing out on expected sales opportunities.

4. Leaving prospects unaware of expected calls

It is understood by you that leads are going to come your way in bigger numbers hence it is also clear that right now you’re facing the problem of how you can at the least explain to them that you will get back to them.

5. Have smaller sales team

If you are a brand that does well, getting leads might not be a problem, but the real problem arises when you don’t have enough sales members to cater to those leads. At times we believe that the smaller the team the better leads can be catered but we tend to forget that as a brand grows, so do the lead numbers as well.

6. Restrictive sales actions

Another reason why there is a failure in not decreasing lead response time is because sales teams are restricting their actions in just one manner.

Efficient steps to Decrease Lead Response Time

These solutions will help you understand better how to decrease lead response time in a way that is convenient and easy for your sales actions to be conducted.

1. Conducting the ‘5-minute’ rule

Lead Response Management conducted a study which was also sponsored by stated, ‘’when B2B sales teams respond to leads in under 5 minutes, their chances of engagement and conversion of leads into pipeline skyrocket.’’

2. Informing prospects about calls being made

The second important technique you need to conduct to decrease lead response time is keeping your prospects aware of when you will contact them.

  • Creating and sending voice messages to your prospects
  • Sending SMS to prospects to inform them about when their call will take place and also quick reminders

3. Making use of CRM is a great way to Decrease Lead Response Time

‘’In 2008, only 12% of businesses used cloud-based CRM — This figure has now increased to 87%!’’

  • All internal and external communications can be viewed with the call history provided so that you’re always on track on who called you and who you need to reach out to.
  • Easily import your lead details or create a new database so that catering to leads can be quick and easy for you
  • Easily view your lead date with a drag and drop interface that makes the sales process all the more easy. You will now know exactly what your next sales actions should be

4. Get a hold of your reports

Reports are a great way to understand how you’re performing.

  • How the sales teams are performing, where they can do their best, what actions can they do better, and more
  • Ensuring that sales quality is always high and showing the improvements and efforts put across to do the same
  • Letting you view how your various sales strategies are being played out so that you know which one works best for your sales actions to be successful
  • Creates real-time analytics so that you can perform better in your sales activities

5. Investing in automation

‘’80% of marketers report an increase in leads due to automation’’

6. Make use of Conversational Marketing

7. Investing in the right tools will effectively decrease lead response time

The last factor here to decrease lead response time is to make the right investment in tools that can help you engage with your prospects better. There are multiple tools that are much more efficient than just making use of form submissions.

Callback Softwares: The Ultimate solution to Decrease lead response time and conduct efficient Sales actions

Callback solutions are softwares that works just like a form submission but only faster.

  • One is an instant live chat communication with the experts in our brand
  • Secondly connecting you to the right team be it sales or billing to assist your needs better
  • Capturing potential prospects attention
  • Making sales take place quicker
  • Creating a smooth journey between you and your prospects
  • Inbuilt CRM
  • IVR
  • Offer a real human callback in 28 seconds
  • Click to call
  • Voice Automation
  • Score visitors with behaviour triggers and AI-powered engines
  • Call Masking
  • Web Calls
  • Integrate Limecall with any of your favourite tools
  • Autofill data for all the leads that come

The Bottom Line…

‘’Research shows that 35% to 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.’’

Leena Fernandes

A writer by choice. Leena has served her passion for writing mainly into the B2B marketplaces.



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