Lead Management — How technology enables good lead management | Limecall [2020]

The Lead Management Process

Lead management involves processes to successfully transfer the potential buyers or leads to the sales team where they will be entering the sales cycle of the business.

  1. Identify and familiarize yourself with your leads.
  2. Generate and gather Intelligence about your leads.
  3. Use lead scoring to your advantage.
  4. Develop your leads.
  5. Transfer leads to sales teams.
  6. Monitor and measure your leads.

How Technology Can Simplify Lead Management?

Technology helps simplify and speed up manual processes while still getting accurate and meaningful outputs. A lead management system can be utilized to support the steps in their processes.

1. Smart Lead Scoring Models

Lead scoring is an indispensable feature in a lead management tool. It lets you identify and differentiate among leads who are ready to convert versus leads that only came from reading some of your blog posts or subscribing to your newsletter.

2. Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is made to process data faster than humans. Manual processing is more time-consuming than the implementation of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can produce more accurate outputs compared to manual or human-processed output.

3. Cost Benefits

A software aids in performing repetitive administrative work in marketing allowing team member s to invest more time in building relationships with clients. Cost to edit and replace errors from manual input of information in performing processes is lessened or eliminated due to the accuracy of work processed by the software.

4. Personalized Lead Engagement

Phone calls are still very personal and engaging which makes an effective lead management strategy. Actually talking to your leads creates a rapport that’s nowhere similar when you’re just exchanging messages online. With today’s technology, you can allow customers to call directly right on the page they’re browsing. Limecall is a prime example of a robust cloud-based phone system.

5. Big Data Analysis

Maximizing lead management system features can assist companies in managing large volumes of data and list building for effective lead generation by the marketing team.

Lead Generation is the Future

Technology has made a great impact on the improvement of business processes. The lead management process is not an exception. The integration of technology in the lead management process has helped marketers acquire and process leads faster and more accurately. The best lead management software that suits your needs best can help companies save on costs like hiring experts for technical support.



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