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Meaning of Product Demos

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  • Visualizing how your team or brand can make use of this product?
  • Visualizing how this product can be helpful in managing your teams?
  • Understanding what would happen if your brand starts using this product?

Benefits of Product demos in conducting efficient sales activities

1. Captures and retains prospect attention

If you were reading a blog and while scrolling you stumble upon a video in bright colours, wouldn’t you view that video?

2. Works as proof for a product’s ability to function

When you exhibit your product, you are also assuring your prospect that this is what will happen when they start using the product. This works as a sign of proof to sell to your prospects that what they see is what they get.

3. Helps prospects to visualize the product better

Have you noticed at times you tend to remember the brand’s product but fail to remember the brand’s name?

4. A better way to exhibit/sell your product

The best way to sell any product is to show it rather than just speak about it. When you exhibit how your brand’s product is better than your competitors, it shows value, when you exhibit how your product works and how easy it is to get started with, it shows value.

Top tips to help you create and exhibit excellent product demo for your product

1. Keep your product demos with a time limit

A maximum of 15 to 20 minutes is a great time to keep your prospect’s attention retained towards your product demos. The main agenda here is you need to present the main reason why you want your prospect to indulge in your product and this product demo is going to explain that hence it is best to keep only the essential information in the demo.

2. Keep your product demos conversational

Remember your telling your prospect why they need to invest in your solution so make it sound like a great conversation taking place. Start with your greetings and continue to speak about your product stating its existence, prospect needs, how the product can help cater to the needs, and more.

3. Exhibit your agenda

An agenda here means giving you prospects the interest of understanding what the product demo will cover, all the topics that you will speak about, and more so that they are aware of what is being discussed and can understand the purpose of your product better.

4. Understand and observe your prospects

When you conduct your product demos, start to observe your prospects, try speaking like them, and communicate how they are doing with you. Understand their body language, if they are looking away, capture their attention with a question or move to a topic they would like to hear more about.

5. Conduct a session for discovery

This is a great opportunity to learn more about prospects, allow your prospects to question your product so that they can learn better. From your end, you can ask your prospects questions such as what are they looking for, what are their expectations, and more so that you can sell your product to them better.

6. Only speak about vital product features

Your product will have multiple features but that doesn’t mean that you need to exhibit all of them, you need to understand that your prospects main interest is how your product can help cater to their needs so when you present the vital features about your product, you also can continue explaining the benefits of it as well.

7. Get hold of bugs

Before your demo calls ensure that everything is working well and all is in place, in case you encounter an error, be calm and cool and speak like it is your first time encountering it. , Move away from the subject and focus on what you really want to deliver.

8. Keep the time of the product demo in mind

Whether you conduct your product demos via calls or face to face, ensure that you are ending it at the right time, as stated earlier 15–20 minutes is enough to deliver what your product offers. Never move away from time and finish your product demo in a good way.

9. Give a good conclusion

When you have completed the product demo ensure that you quickly summarize what is being covered so that your prospects are reminded of everything that is being covered, ensure that you ask any questions, or clarify any doubts in the end as well.

10. Track your sales calls frequently

Now after your product demo, the next thing to do is understand whether all that time and effort was put to good use or not. Observe your sales calls and track the performance of your sales so that you are aware that your product demos are indeed giving you that sale.

Expert opinion on Product demos

Mr Robert Falcone, who is a Co founder of his startup and now is working at Monetate has the experience of how product demos are and what works best since he has done multiple of them himself, he has shared his wise tips in an online article when he was doing the same for Monetate that can be helpful to you.

The Bottom Line…

And this is exactly what you need to give them, a well decked up video that will convert your prospects attention to learn more about it by investing in your product.

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